What we do

Credit Risk Management Training


We have delivered over 100 training courses for a number of different banks throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. These have been at the core, intermediate and advanced level and have ranged from 1 or 2 day workshops on specialist subjects to more general 5 or 10 day courses. We have standard courses that can be delivered quickly and in a cost-effective manner but we also work with banks to tailor courses specifically for their own needs, including preparing case studies based on their own real-life situations.


Credit Portfolio Reviews


We have completed a number of independent reviews of the quality of bank portfolios and of the risk management infrastructure that is in place to originate and manage the portfolio. The core of each review is a detailed analysis of a sample of individual accounts or transactions but the reviews also cover portfolio concentration risks and assess adherence to established credit policies, programs and procedures. A specific focus is on the identification of troubled exposures and the adequacy of loan loss reserves.

Risk Management Advisory Services


We have completed a number of advisory assignments for different financial institutions, primarily in the field of credit risk management. These assignments have included a strategic review for a bank wanting to enter the SME market, implementing a new credit risk review function within the audit group of a bank, and a number of assignments to upgrade the credit risk management framework within banks, including writing new credit policy manuals for three banks.